BerChain wants to establish Berlin as the crypto capital

New technological developments have a habit of choosing a specific location in which to set up their headquarters. The choice mostly falls on areas that offer particularly favorable (tax) conditions and a good infrastructure. Other factors such as a high standard of living and a socially compatible environment for employees in the respective industry should also not be underestimated. The Bay Area around the Californian coastal city of San Francisco has met all of these factors for Google, Facebook, Apple and Co., and has offered the global tech industry a haven with Silicon Valley for decades.

Not all tech giants are based there – Microsoft, for example, is based around 1

Something similar happened in Switzerland, not just a few years ago with the internationally important banks and credit institutions, but a few years ago with the blockchain scene. It has chosen the Central European nation as its headquarters and has produced crypto currencies such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Tezos and Cardano. This is one of the reasons why Zurich is sometimes referred to as the “crypto city” and the canton of Zug is known as the “ crypto valley ”. But in a comparatively young industry, these location questions are anything but fixed. And when it comes to decentralized currencies, other regions of the world can also register their claims as crypto headquarters.

Berlin would also like to be at the forefront, offering the crypto scene a home. And even gets support from the Senate for this. Because the BerChain association would like to name Berlin the crypto capital.

BerChain: “Place to Be” for blockchain start-ups

The aim of the data-driven undertaking is to bring the Berlin crypto space together in a clear manner in order to give interested parties a better overview of the situation of blockchain start-ups in Berlin. These interested parties can be investors or employees looking for a new job, or founders who are looking for a suitable location for their start-up. The registered association was founded almost exactly two years ago. Under the motto:

We are taking the Berlin blockchain ecosystem to the next level and ensuring that Berlin is and will remain the ‚place to be‘ for the blockchain.

BerChain Homepage

BerChain eV also wants to use the regional advantages of Berlin to advance blockchain technology – “especially its democratic potential”. With this in mind, the non-profit association organizes events around the topic of blockchain, which are currently taking place virtually, otherwise physically. Workshops, training courses, publications and public discussions are also on the BerChain agenda. In order to pursue the ambitious goals, support has been secured from the official side – in the form of the Berlin Senate. Norbert Herrmann from the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises is committed to Berlin as a crypto location. Why is Berlin such a nutritious ground for (blockchain) start-ups?

There are many reasons for this, says Herrmann. Of great importance are the already established alumni of the “first wave” of start-ups that became successful in Berlin and then stayed in the federal capital. Today they would serve as “mentors, teachers, multipliers and investors”, Herrmann told BerChain. In addition to comparatively cheap apartments and offices, the availability of talent, technology and Berlin’s tolerance are also important. Berlin has been “attractive to a very heterogeneous group of innovative people” for some time, he says.

Bringing this group of people together in the crypto space is the self-imposed task of the BerChain association.