Criminals rob Bitcoin ATM at gas station

The place was destroyed, with broken glass and other equipment thrown to the ground.

Criminals robbed a Bitcoin ATM at a gas station in the state of Kentucky in the United States. According to a local website, the thieves, who have not yet been identified, went to the facility in Lexington and ripped off the equipment that was on site.

According to police authorities, unlike ordinary ATM machines, which are somehow fixed to the ground or some structure, the stolen Bitcoin ATM was completely loose, „which made the task much easier.

It is worth mentioning that in this situation it is practically impossible for criminals to have access to Bitcoins through the ATM, in fact the interest of the criminals is the money that was inserted in the machines, used to buy Bitcoin.

Witnesses say that the criminals used a pickup truck to commit the robbery and fled without being noticed by the people who were there. The police reported that so far they have no information necessary to identify and arrest the thieves.

The police explained that besides the characteristics of the vehicle, there is no other detail that can be used to identify the criminals. All you have is just images from the security cameras of the place and nothing else.

In the images it is possible to see two men entering the place and taking the equipment off the wall using only their hands.

The place was destroyed, with broken glass and other equipment thrown on the floor.

Bitcoin ATM thefts are becoming common, last year at least two cases were registered in the United States.

In 2019 a thief broke into a bakery and stole a Bitcoin ATM that was installed there.

As the equipment was more protected and more fixed, the thief took several blows with a sledgehammer to remove the device from the wall.

He tried to break the ATM on the spot to take only the money that was inside, when he realized that destroying the poor equipment would not work, he put the ATM in his lap and took away.